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The ceo

Samantha "BossLady" Croft


From early on, Samantha "BossLady" Croft has possessed the 

characteristics of a leader. In school, she had a love for extracurricular 

activities, which involved band, basketball, track and field, summer 

softball, Future Business Leaders of America, Science Club, and Student 

Council. These teams and clubs helped to bring out her natural abilities as 

A communicator, decision maker, team player, and later on a 

compassionate coach. These skills carried her well into adulthood with grace and style.


After becoming a mother and a wife, she finally made the decision 

to add "Boss" to the titles she came to call her own. Her first business was 

one she started with her family. She took their mutual love for music and 

her skills for working with people and established a record label which is 

still successfully active today. There, she perfected her business 

management skills and it was just the beginning. With family, she 

established Sipp Starz Entertainment LLC, Sipp Starz Radio LLC, Croft 

Custom Screen Printing LLC, BEYAO Clothing Co. LLC, and Elite Sound Recordings LLC. Then she branched out to establish more businesses on her own. 


Luxury Travels with Samantha LLC, Elite Enterprises and Business 

Solutions LLC, and Women of Entrepreneurship LLC (where she is the 

CEO) were forged with same greatness in mind. In growing the third 

Business she started for herself, she began to help other women achieve 

their goal of becoming bosses as well. As a Certified Master Life Coach 

and a Certified Entrepreneur and Business Coach (along with a whole host 

of other leadership coaching certifications), she is leading women in 

entrepreneurial greatness! With a close friend, she established Royal Pen Publishing House LLC and made her debut into the publishing world. She is a 3-time self-published author on top of all that! While she has already accomplished so much, 

you can bet that there is much more in store for this BossLady!



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